August 17, 2011

Blog Moved to Digital Pentagon

I have migrated my blog to Digital Pentagon to better reflect the focus of my research, organize my knowledge, and transition to a WordPress site.

I invite you to continue reading and collaborating at

June 1, 2011

Are You Ready for the 21st Century?

A thought provoking piece by Michael Cartier on how society has transformed and possible futures we can face.

Are You Ready for the 21st Century ? from Michel Cartier on Vimeo.

May 30, 2011

Gary Hamel: Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

Watch Gary Hamel, celebrated management thinker and author and co-founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), make the case for reinventing management for the 21st century.

May 22, 2011

Frank Kendall on FFRDCs

Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics (OSD/AT&L) has a great interview from Vago of Defense News on the growing role of FFRDCs.

May 8, 2011

Thomas Barnett TED Talk 2005

I could spend weeks watching the amazing TED presentations and glad to have a Boxee Box as another platform to browse them.  Tonight I watched an old Thomas Barnett talk from 2005.

In this bracingly honest talk, international security strategist Thomas Barnett outlines a post-Cold War solution for the foundering U.S. military that is both sensible and breathtaking in its simplicity: 

It's impressive that six years later his message still applies.  It's also sad that we haven't made much progress to achieve his vision. 

April 12, 2011

The other side of Innovation - Summary on Slideshare

As I was reading The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge, I wanted to capture all the great concepts in the book. Below is a set of slides capturing the main themes from Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble.
To view other great innovation Slideshares, visit the Innovation Excellence page

This presentation won a First Place prize on Blogging Innovation's Top 10 Innovation Slideshares contest.  Braden Kelley sent me a copy of his book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire which I look forward to reading.

April 3, 2011

Remarkable TED Talk from Presentation Guru Nancy Duarte

In the sea of endless horrific Power Point briefings and worse presenters, Nancy Duarte stands out as a model for how to effectively communicate and change the world.

Nancy Duarte's talk at TEDx East from Duarte Design on Vimeo.

March 2, 2011

Social Business - Rethinking Innovation, Organizations, and Leadership

We need this kind of thinking in remaking the Pentagon. I love the shot at Balanced Scorecard at 1:57.

Luis Suarez has an inspiring post about this video.

February 16, 2011

Has Enterprise 2.0 Jumped the Shark?

This Photoshop effort was meant with the UTMOST respect to Prof McAfee.

After attending the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston last June I noticed an initial flurry of traffic following the great event, but lately there appears to be a decline in blog posts, tweets, and general buzz for E2.0. In true Enterprise 2.0 fashion, I didn't rely on the opinions of a handful of credentialed experts, I went to the crowd.

Google Trends
Since Andrew McAfee coined the term Enterprise 2.0 in 2006, Enterprise 2.0 has continually declined with current search volume roughly half its 2006-2007 peak. Conversely Social Business has seen a steady growth with 4 of the top 5 news results coming in 2010. From Jive to Zuckerberg, it appears the trend is toward Social Business. Enterprise 2.0 in blue vs Social Business in red.

Since July 2008, the US Google Trend data shows almost no Enterprise 2.0 search activity with the exception of peaks around the two annual conventions. Of the top 6 news results for E20 (both global and US), the only one in 2010 was a ComputerWorld article on Greg Lowe's entertaining Dark Side of E20 presentation at the June 2010 Boston conference. (Greg dislikes the term E20).  In related trends: Web 2.0, WikiBlogECM, and Social software have been flat or on a decline for last 5 years.

The Enterprise 2.0 article is WEAK.  It went for 3 years in 2007-2010 without a single update.  Given the extensive work done in this field from conferences, advisory councils, and endless blogs, I'm shocked that no one took a few hours to capture the key benefits, strategies, and challenges. Imagine the number of digital immigrants you can educate on Enterprise 2.0 and bring them into the fold by simply updating this page.

The Social Business article is about "a business with a social objective. For organization designed around social tools, social media, and social networks, see Social Media". The Social Media page, being the broader field goes into more depth on blogs, wikis, and social networks with leading examples, social authority, and top level statistics. There is limited discussion on the business application of these strategies and tools.

The Enterprise Social Software unifies the theme with the article capturing Carl Frappaolo, Dan Keldsen, and AIIM's efforts, Andrew McAfee's SLATES functionality, and Dion Hinchcliffe's four additions. It has an extensive list of three dozen vendors and links to related terms.

Leading Vendor Websites
As marketing executives conduct extensive research and analysis to deftly brand their products, examining the terms used on their websites shows a mix of Enterprise (sans 2.0) and social:
  • Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 ​makes it easier for people to work together.
  • IBM Lotus Connections is Social software for business
  • Jive's Social Business Software is the only truly enterprise-scale social business solution
  • Novell's Pulse Enterprise-secure Social Messaging and Real-time Collaboration
  • Cisco Quad is an enterprise collaboration software platform
Other Examples
In my opinion the 2.0 moniker loses some credibility, much like when companies a decade ago all had to have .com in their name. As Gillette progresses to a 10 blade razor or someone comes out with six-minute abs, 2.0 gets stale with time and leads to pointless "we're 3.0!!" fanfare. Similarly we know the pitfalls of pitching "social" solutions to business executives and digital hermits (like the thousands who roam the Pentagon). Maybe the crowd can come up with a new re-branding campaign on par with going Green. Beyond the title, we need to find the core narrative of harnessing IT for business and tell it concisely.

I share in the excitement in the limitless potential of this phenomenon and the vision of those like Don Tapscott to see collaborative innovation reboot business and the world.

So what do you think, has the term Enterprise 2.0 jumped the shark?